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What is Pre paid Funeral Planning?

Pre paid funeral planning is very much what it says it is.

It provides the opportunity for you to arrange and pay for your funeral now, with the benefits of:

1.  Freezing the cost - contractual arrangements with the funeral director will be made at the outset.

2.  Removing the burden of arrangements and payment from your next of kin when the time comes. All they  will need to do is to contact the funeral directors help line. 

3.  Having your arrangements and requests recorded with the funeral director of your choice.

4.  Ensuring these requests are carried out and removing any uncertainty from your next of kin.

This is not an insurance policy or savings account, where a sum of money accumulates which may or may not be adequate to meet the cost when the time comes, this is a plan which provides a contractual agreement with your selected funeral director at the outset to ensure all costs covered by the plan will be met in full.

Why should you want to have a pre paid funeral plan?

As well as dealing with the emotional issues for your next of kin a plan can make good economic sense.

Contractual arrangements made now can overcome future price rises.

ESP Wills believe their plans provide extremely good value, especially when you are effectively fixing the cost at present prices.

What is included in the Plan?

ESP offer three different plans that all provide you with the:

  • Choice of Funeral Service
  • Choice of Funeral Director
  • Choice of Burial or Cremation

All plans have the flexibility to be tailored to meet your own individual needs and desires.

Additional points to consider:

Burial Plots

It is not possible to include the cost of a burial plot within the plans because costs vary throughout the country. However, guidance can be given with regards to the purchase of a plot.

Green Funerals

Moving away from the traditional funeral the term 'green funeral' covers a number of alternatives including the use of biodegradable coffins, woodland burial plots etc. Our consultant will be pleased to discuss these with you.

Other benefits included in the Funeral Plans:


All plans are transferable to a nominated person on the request of the plan holder.

Free Life Cover

Is available to purchases paying by instalment (subject to Terms and Conditions). This avoids the estate having to pay the outstanding balance should the purchaser die before completing the payments for the plan.

Contact with your family

At your request ESP will write to nominated members of your family, friends and/or your legal representatives informing them of the existence of your funeral plans.


These can be made at any time should you change your mind regarding the requests made.

How is your money protected?

All payments are made directly to a Trust administered by HSBC Trust Company (UK) Ltd, part of the HSBC Banking Group.

HSBC Trust Company (UK) Ltd act as Custodian Trustee. All monies required for the funeral are retained by them for when the time comes.

The Plan Administrators are Funeral Planning Services Ltd, members of the National Association of Pre-paid Funeral Plans (NAPFP). They make all the necessary arrangements to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Funeral Plans are authorised by the Trust to offer the plans. We operate in accordance with the industry codes and guidelines, and strictly within our own Code of Conduct. Copies of the NAPFP code and the Company Code of Conduct are available below

No matter what might happen in the future your monies are protected and the funeral will be carried out in accordance with your wishes.

How do you wish to pay for your Plan?

The plan can either be purchased immediately by single payment or paid for by instalments.

What to do next?

1. You have a number of choices: When you have decided that you wish to take out the plan, please contact your local ESP National Willmakers consultant. He or she will arrange to visit you at your home to help with the application form.

2. If you would like more detail, or a consultant to telephone please contact us using our contact page or telephone our Head Office on 0845 0526 840

3. Should you have any questions or queries you need answered to assist you in reaching a decision please do not hesitate to contact us.

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